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Exterior Protection

Hardie Siding Installation

Lee Roofing is more than just a roofing company – we’re proud to announce our Hardie siding installation and replacement services. With the highest-quality materials in the industry, our siding results are unbeatable. Our siding experts are licensed and insured to provide you with professional advice and recommendations regarding your next siding project. With risk-free siding consultations, you have freedom for decisions, customization, and more.


    • Loose Siding
    • Cracked Siding
    • Fading Siding
    • Warped Siding
    • Bubbling Siding
    • Moldy Siding

These are all signs of weakened or damaged siding, which poses a large threat to the integrity of your home’s exterior. Call us with any warning signs that your vinyl siding may need a replacement – Lee Roofing has got you covered.

Chattanooga Hardie Siding Services

With Lee Roofing as your Tennessee siding contractor, you know exactly what you’re getting. Our premium siding services are easy to understand for homeowners and carried out in a timely, professional manner. Because Lee Roofing is considered a small business, we don’t have corporate pricing. With no hidden fees or fine print tricks, you get exactly what you pay for.

Hardie Siding Installation

We make the siding installation process easy – consisting of a no-cost quote, pre-job inspection, siding installation, and post-job clean up. We get the job done right without ever leaving a mess behind. We partner with Hardie Siding for all our project materials so that you can count on durable, long-lasting results for your home’s exterior. With extreme durability, non-fading color, and endless choices of styles and collections, Hardie siding adds the perfect amount of protection, quality, and personalization to your home.

Siding Replacement

Most homeowners are unaware of the state of their siding. With Lee Roofing as your Tennessee siding contractor, you can call us for a routine inspection any day of the week.