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Manage Rainflow

Gutter Installation

Gutters are one of the most important aspects of a good roofing system, which is why Lee Roofing is proud to offer our new gutter installation services. Our quality gutter systems ensure the safety of your home and its foundation. This way, any water and debris are directed to flow away from your home and landscaping additions, keeping your house dry and your plants untouched. Several aspects of your home’s fascia, pitch, valleys, and roofline must be taken into consideration when a gutter installation is calibrated and installed on your home. At Lee Roofing, we take into account every factor of the home and its roof to achieve the best gutter results.


    • Keep your attic dry
    • Prevent exterior wall leaks
    • Control erosion around the foundation
    • Improve your home’s exterior

Chattanooga Gutter Installation You Can Depend On

Homeowners often overlook the importance of gutters when it comes to improving the exterior of their home. Essentially, the main function of these systems is to collect rainwater and move it down to the ground, which protects your home from serious water damage. Our Lee Roofing gutter experts will inspect your home to calculate the best gutter solution for you. We offer brand-new gutter installation services. Let us install a 6″ inch seamless gutter system for your home today.

Gutter Replacement

If gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, leaves and other debris can weaken them over time. As a result, the water will overflow and cause damage to the home’s exterior. Additionally, strong winds from storms can damage gutters as well. As a result, replacing your gutters will need the assistance of a trusted, local gutter installer.

As your newest and most trusted local gutter company, service and quality work are always of utmost importance. Moreover, our gutter specialists have years of experience and offer detailed quotes with a mix of solutions for replacing your gutters.

Gutter Guards

Lee Roofing offers gutter guard installations to cut back the hassle of debris removal later. Similar to our roofing materials, we utilize many of the top suppliers in the industry. We install SureGuard gutter screens and gutter guards to help prevent infestation by carpenter ants, termites, and other pests. From seamless gutters to aluminum gutters, we have a variety of options.