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Roof Replacement

In America, over 5 million roofs are replaced per year. The average lifespan of a roof often depends on the quality of building materials as well as the quality of the installation itself. In the best-case scenario, if the roof was properly installed with high-quality materials, adequately ventilated, and well maintained, the average lifespan of a roof should be anywhere from 20-50 years maximum. This depends on what type of roof was installed, as different building materials serve different lifespans. Sometimes, obvious damage factors such as leaks and storm damage can make the need for a roof replacement more obvious, but in other cases it can be hard to tell whether a roof replacement is right for your home.

  • Renewed lifespan
  • Eliminate leaks & damages
  • Increases home value
  • Ensure a weatherproof home exterior

When to Invest in a Chattanooga Roof Replacement

Most homeowners don’t think about their roof until an obvious issue occurs. Having a well-maintained roof means investing in regular inspections, making needed repairs, and even having a replacement if necessary. Here are signs that your roof might need Lee Roofing’s replacement services:

1. Inside Cues

To perform an indoor inspection of your own, observe the inside of your attic in the dark. If you notice streams of light coming through the roof, this might be a sign of a leaky roof.

2. Shingles

Shingles should lay flat against your roof. If there are signs of obvious shingle damage or missing shingles, call Lee Roofing right away.

3. Roof Shape

A leaning or sloping roof is a huge sign of necessary replacement. It signals trapped moisture and potential rotting, which always calls for a replacement as soon as possible.

4. Growth on Your Roof

Moss, weeds, and fungi belong in your yard – never on your roof. Green matter infesting your roof indicates the presence of trapped moisture.

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For all roofing needs, let Lee Roofing lend a hand. We specialize in roof replacements, getting the job done right the very first time. Our mission is to provide you with services that give your roof the durability, longevity, and quality it needs to protect your home and those living within.