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Lee Roofing Company offers repair and installation services for any home or business. Whether you have a new building or want to change your roof style, we can help you out. We equip our team with the right equipment and skilled professionals to handle any situation you throw our way. In addition, we strive to handle every project with precision. Every job needs a plan to make sure that whatever your needs are, we can meet them. We offer the best metal roofing Chattanooga has to offer.

If you have a metal roof that needs repaired or need a whole new installation, we’re ready to serve you. Our team is full of skilled professionals who are experienced to handle any roofing job. Our goal is to ensure our quality service exceeds every one of our customers’ expectations.

For Metal Roofing Chattanooga Turns to Lee Roofing

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to fix your roof. Our professionals at Lee Roofing are trained to provide you with expert advice on any roofing needs. Give us a call for a simple inspection and we can help you out. Here are some things you should watch out for in the meantime.

  • Rotting Shingles
  • Missing Shingles
  • Multiple Leaks
  • Old Roof
  • Storm Damage
  • Rusted Roof
  • Holes In Your Roof
  • Moss or Algae Growth
Metal Roofing Chattanooga

A majority of these signs can normally be fixed with a simple repair. However, if you wait too long to get them fixed, they can turn into serious damage. Our team will work hard to get everything fixed in a timely and professional manner, so you can get back to your normal flow.

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Our experts are here to help whenever you need them. With over 25 years of experience in the Chattanooga area, we are roofers you can trust. It is important to keep up with inspections and repairs, so you can get the most out of your roof’s lifespan. A roof’s lifespan also depends on the quality of materials and service provided, which we can assure you we will provide every time. Give us a call today to receive the highest quality metal roofing Chattanooga has to offer.